palm summers + joshua tree

watch in 1080hd for best view of my face

 I'm pretty much down for whatever happens when I'm traveling,  but there's an intense satisfaction in a place being exactly like you'd thought it'd be.  I always imagined Palm Springs as the golf course of southern California, full of old people and pastel colored condos in gated communities.  When sallies and I rolled into town at midnight, I was pleasantly surprised to be completely right. 

Everyone knows I love pretentious little outposts of humanity, and Palm Springs was no different, filled up with overpriced boutiques and water sucking trees. To combat that, we headed forty minutes south into the desert to visit Joshua Tree. (And no, the irony of purposely driving into a landscape that has killed thousands of people for the sake of recreation doesn't escape me.) It was incredible. Very quickly you're hit with this sensation of being a very small part of something bigger. About ten miles in, you can stand in the middle of the road, turn in a circle, and see nothing except more road and the desert spreading out around you. There's also this quiet. It's very heavy, and very present in its complete absence of the everyday noises of society. You begin to realize what an intense impact we really have made on nature, and what it must have looked before we trampled through. It also makes you realize how truly insignificant humans are in terms of the entire planet. I'm an exceptionally loud person, but standing in the middle of the desert, screaming just to see if I could make a dent in the quiet? I doubt you could hear me even thirty yards away. 

The heat was intense, ("sunny and 70" was more wishful thinking than accurate statement) but we had juice boxes and The Life of Pablo to help us chill out. I also had read about a bajillion travel articles about this particular patch of California history and was READY.

If you're planning a trip into the desert, here are some quick pro-tips:
 - make sure you bring snacks
- take all proffered bathroom breaks. Eventually, you get to this point when you're driving where you're not far enough in, but you're too far to turn back.
- pre-load any maps/playlists/apps that need data because it's not real once you turn off the freeway
- don't touch nature unless it rose up to touch you

I also want to mention that standing/sitting/leaping in the middle of roads is not a safe practice unless you can see three miles down it in both directions and are CERTAIN you will not be flattened.

x J

ps. in september, jordan + I are going back to joshua tree to vibe with childish gambino/see Jesus/join a cult maybe, and it's going to be LIT. #pharos

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oh she's a camping queen

We've gotten to that time of year, folks. It's camp

This means no Justina in your internet for the next  seven  days. I know, it's going to be hard on all of us. But like always, I've got your back. Posts and tweets are scheduled, and if Sallie still loves us, Instagram will be on fire. Much like me, in the 103 degree heat of nature that I'm about to subject myself to. 

See you next week, if my mosquito allergy/a sticky child doesn't drag me to my death first.

x J

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sourdough and succulents

photos by Sallie DeYoung and Jordan Schauberger

Sometimes you just gotta pack up your homies into a shiny new Audi and roll out to the city by the bay. We bought baby succulents, sourdough bread, and dim sum. We also took photos of our legs in a Photobooth we were unprepared for, ate said sourdough after it was repeatedly dropped in sand, and stood in line at the succulent festival for a solid two hours with no food. It was a little traumatic.

I think it's important every once in a while to take a trip like this, for no reason other than the sheer enjoyment you get from the people you're with. San Francisco is a really cool city, but what made this day perfect was...well it was Sallie sobbing after Colton dropped her sourdough directly into the sand, to be honest. But also having a day where nothing needed to happen at all, other than the occasional snack break.  That's when the real fun happens.

Pro tip: If you drop bread fluffy side down in sand, it can still be salvaged by ripping that part off and feeding it to your local teenage boy.

x J 

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where are they taking you

photos by Jordan Schauberger 

shoes: tevas x jhene aiko

HI GUYS wow it's been ten days. That doesn't seem like a long time, but it was long enough for like a thousand people to die on Game of Thrones. I've been out adventuring with my squad, from San Francisco to LA.  In the first part, we bought succulents, listed to TLOP, and - well that's all for another post. I'll be writing a lot in the coming weeks - but first, much like gym class, we need to talk about footwear.

This post is about what I wore on my feet, because I'm trying to improve lives here. On this particular outing to SF, I broke in my brand new Teva's in a very serious way. I'd had vague blister-related reservations about wearing new shoes on a day where I'd be walking approx. a million miles up hill, but they're also very ~funky~ and if not San Francisco, where else?

THESE SHOES ARE INCREDIBLE. I don't why I've never gotten pair before. I mean, I do, because velcro, but I'm over that now. Not only are they squishy and comfy, but they're v stylish. I, and more importantly, Jhene Aiko say so, and you can't argue with it. I like to move wildly, and climb things and stand on my tiptoes, and these shoes just let it all happen. In the past, I've shied away from the "pretty ugly" shoe trend because A. it seemed like a lot of work to style and B. I didn't see a huge benefit. After clambering all over California in these, I can distinctly say that the benefit far outweighs the amount of "90's dad on vacation" jokes your friends will make.

I will, however, be concerned if you start sporting these with Tommy Bahama and a fanny pack.

x J

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get glow

dress: american eagle
bralette: aerie

You guys know how much I love makeup. You've seen the snapchat hauls and the highlighter swooshes. I had bad cystic acne back in the day (a year ago), and in the process of healing it, taught myself how to sparkle my face to cover what were some truly horrendous scars. (Mad props to Cat, my former LUSH queen, for hiring me/saving my life there.)

But I passionately love my eyeliner. Especially my dramatic blackest-black wingtips that extend further than is probably entirely appropriate for any given situation. It makes me feel ~intense~ and ~fashion~. But during the summer, it also has a tendency to droop more towards the bottom of my eyes by the end of the day, and gives me this rather sad look. It is also very hard to go to a pool party and keep your eyeliner intact. That was the deal breaker. Something had to give.

So, as an experiment, I stopped wearing eyeliner. And then suddenly, stopped contouring. And strobing. And all those other -ing's that take up so much money and space in my makeup bin. Very quickly it went from an experiment in my ~self image~ to an extra thirty minutes in my day and I was like HEY nice. I got used to my face again. Not to say I'm putting away the eyeliner for good, because that would just be nonsense. But I had gotten to the point where I didn't really remember what I looked like without it. (Five years old.)

Also, Aerie? Makers of all things pretty and lace-y? STILL not photoshopping their ads.  Just because they're still trying to spread the word: the real you is beautiful. Not saying the you in false lashes and full contour isn't beautiful too, because  that version is actual fire, but you don't need it. I know that's a very mom-ish thing to say, but some(most)times, mom is right. I love glossy and no-hipbone having high fashion as much as the next blogger, but I'm not trying to buy a bralette off it, you feel? I think it's hard to go out and let the world see you, but once they do, they're down.

Other things I'm down for: swing dresses. It's too hot to be clingy in any way, but especially with fabric. I don't even care that I got called ""ma'am" today. Much.


x J

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train of thought: feelin' cozy

hoodie:  american eagle

HI GUYS. I'm currently living out the other half of my double life at county fair, ankle deep in animal poop, bedazzled bootcut jeans, and farm boys. It sounds insane, but it's definitely my comfort zone. I've actually been thinking a lot about what makes me comfortable lately. Not just physically, like this hoodie, which is definitely sown out of fluffy clouds and good wishes, but mentally. *mom voice* I'm at a point in my life where I'm always exploring, and I feel like it's hard to put yourself in new situations, which can be uncomfortable, if you don't know what makes you comfortable in the first place. For me, being at fair surrounded by my 4-H family, animals, and lots of fried food is the perfect ~safe space~ balance to the rest of my life, where I'm constantly trying new things. I guess I'm trying to say that it's okay to have things in your life that don't change, because they're the anchor for all the things that do. 

I hope that paragraph still makes sense when my brain is running on more than 5 hours of sleep.
(6 am comes mighty quick when you go to sleep at midnight.)

x Justina 

ps. LOOK, A HAT THAT FITS OVER MY HAIR. Never thought we'd see the day. 

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summer jungle

dress: tobi
jacket: vintage

The most useful thing I've learned as a blogger is how to not visibly sweat. Like I'm actually melting in these photos, but I look fairly upright still. It was 100 degrees. That's two zeros, one too many for mid-May.

Incredibly, amazingly, against so many odds, I survived finals week with my GPA fairly intact. Honestly, towards the end there I was contemplating tossing in the whole thing and moving to Peru with Katie. I felt like my mum would maybe take a very dim view of that though, so for now I'm just enjoying not carrying a backpack. My spine might decompress just in time for the next semester.

My entire MO for summer is to dress as easily as possible, because let's face it, getting dressed in this weather is gross and no one wants to do it. Starting with this outfit, I want breezy dresses and light layers. See example A - this dress. It has a bit of shape that makes it fitting for morning and night, but isn't so tight that I just slide out of it in a puddle.  It's patterned, and dOESN'T WRINKLE. This is so important - avoid summer clothes that wrinkle. Just trust me. I also really like leopard print/matching my grandmother's 80's wardrobe.

Because I live in the desert (aka the entire STATE OF CALIFORNIA) it gets cool at night, and this jacket is necessary for late adventures.

Or, you know, creating a personal sauna, as displayed here.

x Justina

ps. I'm a homie, and I want to let you in on the secret of Tobi: they have all your faves (dresses rompers, skirts, sequins, cardigans, bodysuits, midi's, crop tops, etc) and ur first order is 50% off.  have fun with that. 

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flip and flow

dress: american eagle
boots: caterpillar
bralette: aerie

It's so HOT. Not just this dress, but the weather. El Nino is a distant memory, and the only proof that it even happened is that our lakes have actual water in them. With that said, the dress is pretty cute too. It's a perfect summer cut - there's not a lot happening, but it easily fits everything you could be doing during the day. Little details like the straps in the back elevate it from a standard school outfit to ~fancy barbeque~ acceptable. I also very much enjoy dancing in it because the skirt is flowy but doesn't do the thing where you have to hold it down so you don't flash someones grandparents. You know what I'm talking about.

 Remember when everyone was obsessed with those ChloĆ© stud boots? It seems like it just happened, but that was basically in my sartorial childhood. Literally every blogger and their mother had a pair, and then they just disappeared. These boots remind me a lot of a southwestern interpretation of those, and I love it. I'm equally impressed that they're from Caterpillar - not a traditional maker of hipster boots, but surprisingly proficient at it. They're also incredibly comfortable, and the buckles make a very satisfying clunking noise when I walk.

Today was my last day of classes. I still have finals, but am effectively done with my first full time semester of college. I'm really unclear on where the last 16 weeks of my life went. I've learned about oxford commas, il imperfetto, delayed ledes, yoga breathing, and the very bizarre history of California. (Fitting.) I've also found a strange little family, and a lot of stress, in my (award-winning) college newspaper, and eaten a prolific amount of really good food. Shoutout to Tim for never letting me starve, Jordan for letting me angry write at midnight, and Hannah for copy-editing my life/being a generally angelic sunfish.

It's time for summer though. Some classics will be making a reappearance: Sallie + our annual road trip, camp, and LA. There's also some new stuff in the works.

Like sleep. 

x J

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day without shoes

sneakers: toms

I have a lot of things. Things like electricity, running water, and shoes. So many shoes. Shoes I don't even think about in the morning, because I can just assume they're there. For a lot of people around the world, that's not their reality. Kids in many countries, more than you'd think, are going through their day barefoot, because they just don't have shoes. I cut my feet in three different places just taking these photos, standing stationary on a path, and these kids are out walking miles. 

 So on May 10th (that's tomorrow, if you're calendar challenged like me), you can help TOMS give some of those kids something to walk through the world in. Here's the deal: for their Day Without Shoes, TOMS is going to donate one pair of shoes for every instagrammed pair of bare feet that hit the internet (with the hashtag #withoutshoes, you weirdos), up to 100k pairs. 

That's it. All you have to do is take your shoes off for thirty seconds*, and someone else will get to put a new pair on. 

x J

*It may take longer if you wanna get fancy with your photo, but please don't pull a Michael Scott and get near any Foreman grills.

ps. That's the extent of my ability to find humor in feet. I know I've failed. 

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take care of yo'self

25 photos of my face that you didn't need in your life

Drake says he'll take care of me, but I'm an independent woman who don't need no man (unless Drake asks, in which case I definitely need him) and I can take care of myself.

It ain't always easy though. Not only is there no time in life to treat myself, sometimes I feel like I'm just patching up cracks when they get too big to ignore. That is no way to stay in the game. If you're gonna keep yourself and your instagram strong, you gotta be living your #blessed life. So I made a list of 25 easy ways to take care of yourself, inspired by this Friday night tweet.

1. Say "I love you" - to a dog, a plant,  a human. Sharing love makes you feel good.

2. Wash your face - a really good scrub or even a quick rinse will refresh your life.

3. Drink some water - if you're thirsty, you're dehydrated. If you're not, you're still dehydrated.

4. Coconut oil - on your face, in your hair, on your skin, in your coffee, on your problems.

5. Send a cute text - see no. 1. "Good morning sunshine" is my personal choice.

6. Laugh at something - even if it's yourself.

7. Smile for 30 seconds - there's legit internet science behind this, it makes you happy.

8. Do a BuzzFeed quiz - personal fave.

9. Read your horoscope - they aren't bible, but they are entertaining.

10. Make a list - it doesn't have to be a "to-do", but it will help sort out your day.

11. Daydream about an adventure - then make a change jar for it.

12. Keep your nails correct - chipped nails only seem like no big deal until they're fresh painted.

13. Do your hair - 30 extra seconds can take an actual bed bun to a cute messy bun.

14. Learn about the world - listen to NPR or This American Life on the way to wherever.

15. Listen to music - a good song can change your mood. Just ask Drake.

16. Get dressed - pajamas seem like a great idea, but real clothes are good too.

17. Make plans - not just with people, but with yourself. Go to a museum. Read a book.

18. Read something - whether it's Tolstoy or Elite Daily, read some real words.

19. Spend time - take five minutes for whatever your hobby is and do it.

20. Stretch - do some quick yoga or just reach for the ceiling, give your bones some room.

21. Enjoy your food - pay attention to how it tastes, and how it makes you feel. Eat meaningfully.

22. Clean out - I promise you that you don't need 3/4ths of what's at the bottom of your purse.

23. Dance - just one song. Get yourself out of the corner.

24. Do your work - you never have as much time as you think you do.

25. Do something you enjoy - something that really makes everything else worth it.

My life gets crazy easily, and I'm pretty prolific at procrastinating. If I don't start, I'll stagnate, and nothing gets done. I'll slip on one thing, then another, then suddenly it's Monday and I have no coffee, no homework, and the same outfit as yesterday.

And hey, I've already got #10 sorted for today.

x J

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