justina x derek//a moment with mr. blasberg

probably the chicest party photo ever taken? pc: mr. blasberg

Derek Blasberg is both the fashion industry version of Dear Abby,
and the person you write to Dear Abby about.
 His book, Classy, and then Very Classy
gave my 13 year old self a glimpse into my future world, 
where thank you notes are written on personalized stationary, 
and one can be invited to a holiday on a Caribbean island 
at the drop of a Maison Margiela hairpiece.  

When I was given the opportunity to ask him a few quick questions, 
I nearly died.
 Or maybe I actually did?
 Then I came back and got to it. 
Somewhere between two places, he dropped some pretty good advice.

J: You have worn, and still wear, many hats.
If you could create a title for yourself, or a simple description of what you do,
what would you say?

D: Luckiest guy in New York.

Flip side: what are the best and worse parts of your many positions?
I have lots of bosses.

You’ve blogged for many media outlets, and it’s become a known platform of yours.
What are your feelings on online fashion journalism?

When I was in college, professors were still wary of the internet.
Now, I think it's the way most people still get news.
 Magazines, however, still offer a different reader experience.
 I love both.

How do you feel about teens in today’s fashion world?
It's easier for young people to get involved now with fashion websites, chat rooms
and being able to start their own blogs. It's a good thing.

You’ve traveled the world.
 What are the first three things you do whenever you arrive at a new destination?

Buy lots of water and food to snack on in the room, 
Google the nearest art museum, and then unpack.
 I hate looking at luggage in hotel rooms.

Do you have a favorite Fashion Week?
London is the most fun, Paris is the most inspiring.

Is there anyone you would love to interview
that you haven’t had a chance to sit down/take a selfie with?

I always wish I could have gotten to Elizabeth Taylor before she passed.

Classy + Very Classy are obviously a product of experience.
 If you could pick out one lesson or piece of advice for a girl to come away from reading them with, what would you press?
Write thank you notes!

 Make your daily reading a little better by keeping up with Mr. Blasberg on anyone of his countless outlets. 

And whatever you do:
write a thank you note.


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coachella foreva

honesty hour: I forgot coachella was even happening

Usually it's such a big thing, and this year, I felt like it just sort of....happened.

I don't know why.

 The celebrities were there, the music was there, Jared Leto's blessed hair was there,
 but it didn't add up to the giant neon fringe overdose I'm used to.

Maybe it was just because they didn't make us all see dead people this year. 
I mean, that was a pretty good trick.
or was ittttt


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west coast, best coast

dr.martens c.o dr. martens

As I head to the East Coast yet again to represent my state at the National 4-H Conference,
I am thinking a lot about the things that make my coast better.
Best Coast ain't a joke son

One of them is our most famous city,
which also happens to be my favorite city. 

Things that are great about L.A.

1. Sunshine
It's even sunny when it rains which should be impossible but hollywood baby

2. Giant hedges. 
I don't know what they feed their hedges but they are the very best hedges.

3. White Range Rovers
Do they get some sort of discount?

4. Traffic on Sunset .
Give your time to stare at everything

5. Alfreds coffee.
sunday morning = best people watching time

6. Palm trees
all of them

7. The Griffiths Observatory
Let's stay up there forever

9. Brightly colored buildings with neon signs
see exhibit a, above

10. Los Angeles People
Tan, in workout gear and designer shades, lining up outside Urth 

10 1/2. Old Stuff, New Stuff, and whatever happened In Between
L.A. is one of the best cities for this

I can't wait to go back.


Check out this maaaarvelous interview I did on Fox 40 about the KCA's! 

to follow along on my trip to D.C. for the National 4-H Conference, 
make sure you're on my insta + twitter

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that slime really suits you//KCA 2014

R6 is catchy, right?

 It's been three days and I still don't think I've entirely processed the KCAs.

It was such a mind-blowingly amazing experience
 that I doubt I'll fully recover for at least a year.
And then it'll be time for another round.

I mean, let's take stock:

I got to hang with R5
 (they should adopt me)

I selfie'd with Tyler Oakley 

I also selfie'd with Bella Hadid who is actually
5000% cooler than she seems on the internet 
which I thought was impossible
LL Cool J high fived me
I nearly lost an arm but worth it 

I was enveloped in the cloud of adorable talent that is Alex & Sierra
yes they are really that cute
Ariana Grande stood behind me in security and we talked purses

And then like 80 million other amazing things happened

That's all BEFORE the show even started.

I have never talked that fast to that many people in my entire life.
It was like speed dating at the Hunger Games, 
but with reporters and green slime. 

 with all the priceless one liners and solid gold selfies.

Best of all: I didn't get slimed.

Okay just a little bit. 


Elizabeth, you're the #1 babe.

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BIG ANNOUNCENT//sparkles and slime

Displaying image.jpeg
Once again, Dylan O'Brien is displaying my emotions for me.

I'm sitting here reading my posts from past years of Nickelodeon award shows
 and alternately laughing my head off/wondering if I've peaked.

I suppose I'll figure it out Saturday...

That's right, 
your favorite award show commentator is headed for the carpet itself.
 I'm going to be bringing a splash of sparkle to the slimiest of  shows.

And I'm very excited.

Both about going and that line, which was definitely a 10 pointer.

I'll be on the carpet for HuffPost Teen, 
so expect some serious laughs,
 very important questions about selfies, 
and the occasional dance break.

Disclaimer: If anyone throws slime at me,
I'm going to throw my shoe at them.


PS. make sure you're following me on instagram + twitter or you're going to miss all the fun

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who are you sitting with?

 "You can't sit with us" bangle c.o stella & bow

"That's why her hair is so big, it's full of secrets."


The babes at Stella & Bow know me so well. 
This piece is from their Mean Girls collection and
 I want all of it. 

How to catch a Justina:  
combine gold and her favorite movie.

I love how wearing it sparks the "Mean Girls Story".
 Everyone has one.

"Oh my favorite quote is..."
"You know that scene when...."

It's awesome how a movie can impact so many aspects of our culture,
 from film to fashion.

Expect a more detailed thought process on this April 30, 
which is not only the 10th anniversary of our favorite clique,
 but a Wednesday.

"I'm totally Regina George."


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(a little over) 24 hours in New York City

Ever wonder what it's like to go to NYC for 24 hours?

Me neither.

But it happened anyway and was completely and incredibly amazing.
Looking at you Clifford. 

 I got to meet some of my favorite people,
eat the worlds best ruben sandwich, 
and watch Parks and Rec on a plane.

I can't decide which part was the best, 
so watch the video and let me know.


shoutout to our driver Carlos, 
who looked like an extra from The Godfather.

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easter egg game too strong

dress c.o. chiara fashion//shoes c.o lulu's//cardigan: forever 21//sunnies c.o zerouv 

it's so bright wow

I love this outfit. 

There's sparkles and bright turquoise and a swingy cardigan 
and it's just a generally happy outfit.

The dress is perfect. 
The necklace part is actually detachable, 
so it can be formal or more relaxed.
chill, turquoise, chillllllll

I mean there is the side effect of me looking like an Easter egg,
 but hey,
 everyone loves a good Easter egg.

I would really like if you watched it, and even if you skip the bits where I'm rambling on about
how I started blogging and interviews and such, I would like if you listened to the last part.

Recently it has come up in my life a lot that people aren't happy. 
They don't love what they do or how they look or the way they eat sour strings. 
(Okay that last one is mine but seriously, who licks the sour bit off before eating it? 
That's disgusting.)

That is terribly sad.

So here is my challenge to you:
do something you love today. 
Just one thing. 

It can be popping bubble wrap for five minutes, 
or watching an episode of Parks and Rec
or just lying on the floor listening to R5 acoustic sessions. 

Then do something different tomorrow.
Find your happy thing and let it guuuuuide you.

clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
clap along even if you don't want to because this is my blog and that's what I said to do

Okay, self-help/therapy/Oprah hour is over, 
the doctor is out.


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iggy azalea for beverly hills high senior class president

when iggy azalea locks up beverly hills, she does it right

Iggy's done it again. 
She literally combined several of my favorite things 
and made a music video I don't hate.
 It's flawless.

She and Charli effortlessly took a pretty street song 
and used a  bubblegum visual that somehow just works.
Completely unexpected, utterly, mindblowingly fantastic. 

I mean, is there anyone fancier than Cher Horowitz?

Except maybe...

Iggy Azalea.

I'm in actual tears right now because tickets for her tour have sold out and
 I was too struggling/broke/whatever the chic word is now for poor 
to afford them.

Waaaay too much way normal teenage girl life there.

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